Why NOT Video?

That is the question to ask yourself.  Why NOT wedding video?  Video is usually very low on each couple's list of "must have" vendors.  But why is that?  Google for yourself "wedding regrets" and in the vast majority of lists you'll find an entry that says "Didn't hire a professional videographer." 

Typical reasons include:

- We'll never watch it

- It's not in our budget/we can't afford it

- We just don't want it

But why is this?  I once heard someone say, "For the price of that fancy car that drove you to the reception, you could have almost paid for a professional videographer!" I'm in no way advocating dropping things like fancy cars - but 20 years down the road will you care that you rode in that car? Or, 20 years from now will you enjoy reliving your day through watching your video?

Without video, you will never hear your vows again.  You will never hear the reception speeches again.  You will never see your dad walking you down the aisle.  The list goes on and on.

You say you'll never watch it?  What about other people?  What about individuals who can't make it to the wedding?  Or, more importantly, what about your children and/or future children? My parents got married back before anyone had video.  Unfortunately, both of them are gone now - but I do still have their wedding album and a reel to reel audio tape of their wedding ceremony.  You know what?  I would gladly give up both of those items in a heartbeat if I could see and hear a video/film of them on their wedding day.  This is to take nothing away from photos, as they are also of utmost importance - but video should be JUST as important.

Bottom line, even if you don't get a fancy cinematic video, hire a professional company to shoot video for you.  I guarantee that after your wedding, you will NEVER say, "I really wish we hadn't spent that money on our wedding video."