Why choose P47 Productions to create your wedding video?  

We have many advantages over other wedding videographers.  First and foremost, we are a full-time video company.  We do ONE thing - video - and we do it very well.  Many one-stop-shop wedding vendors offer you everything, but we concentrate on doing one thing.  Producing great films.

Also, we are one of the only companies that gives you the choice of cinematic or documentary style films - which simply means that we can work with just about any wedding budget. 

The majority of wedding videographers are what we refer to as "Weekend Warriors", or individuals who have 9-5 jobs and shoot video on the weekends.  Some of them do a great job, but our question is this: what if they get sick?  What if they get promoted at their job and don't want or need to do video any longer?  We are in this for the long haul.  We can handle many weddings on any given day.  With our deep pool of experienced videographers, you can rest assured that your wedding day will be covered.  We also have more cameras and equipment than is ever needed, so we always have backups in the event of failure.

It should go without saying, but we use only the latest professional equipment.  Whether it be cameras, microphones or stabilizers - all of it is professional. We only point this out because in this day and age, many "professional" videographers use equipment they bought at the local electronics store.

We also carry all of the necessary liability insurance.  This is EXTREMELY important.  Not only because we might need it for any unforeseeable occurrence, but many venues require it for vendors working in their facility.

Because of all of these factors, we will never be the most inexpensive company to hire for your wedding video.  But, we will be the best, and we are certainly not the most expensive. Honestly, when looking at any vendor your first question should never be "Who is the cheapest?" Do you really want to trust a memory that is supposed to last a lifetime to the "cheapest" vendor?